Expired Domains for PBN Building

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are networks of websites. They are popularly used as a SEO strategy to boost a niche site's rankings. Their best advantage is that owners have control both over content and backlinks.

To be effective, though, PBNs should be built with expired domains. They carry much more authority than newly registered domains because of their trustworthy history and natural backlinks which means that their power will flow to the owner's money site.

Seeking out the best aged authority domains for building your PBN is a prolonged process because thousands upon thousands of domains expire every hour of every day. Many of the search results on free websites such as Expireddomains.net or Expired-domains.co have been spammed or come with a questionable history.

So how can you do it?

We have taken it upon ourselves to monitor all domain names in the world so we can find quality expired names across all TLDs. We have put together a list of over 100,000+ domains with Trust Flow 10+ in .com, .org and most ccTLDs which are ideally suited for your own PBN.

We offer a very time- and cost-effective service that can meet your required SEO metrics and your niche and TLD criteria.

This is how our bulk service works step by step:

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